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Rohan Abeywickrama


ASMET is growing from strength to strength with more and more members joining the Association which is a very good sign. What we need now is new members to come in to the committee and to get actively involved in moving the Association forward and also get affiliated internationally.

It is a common factor that the SME sector plays a major role in the country's economy as nearly 60% of the industries are owned and run by them, it seems to be the same all over Asia. The problem commonly faced by the SME sector is funding their enterprises as most lending institutions & Banks
are not very keen in assisting them. We should work towards this and request the Government to assist us in obtaining soft loans affordable by us. At the same time the ADB and the Australian aid group is coming forward to fund a programme in developing the skills in the Tourism sector, mainly for the SMEs we hope to make use of these opportunities to enhance the skills of the Small & Medium sector.


ASMET has always been invited by SLTDA for all the meetings with regard to the development and promotion of tourism. We are also happy to note that many of our members were able to participate free of charge at several international trade fairs with Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.

I must not forget to mention the demise of our founder Vice President Late Mr. Siri De Silva Chairman of Adventure Lanka. He was a tower strength and contributed so much towards the Association, even up to the time of his demise he was actively involved in the Association and
Continued to be member of the executive committee since its inception. The void created thus will be very hard to be filled but let us carry on the good work done by him.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the members of the committee who contributed their valuable time and effort in conducting the affairs of the Association, they have at very short notice attended the meetings called by SLTDA, SLCB & SLTPB on behalf of ASMET.

In conclusion I thank the Minister & Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Tourism Development & Christian affairs, The Chairman SLTDA & SLTPB also SLCB & SLITHM and all other industry partners including our members for the support extended to me during my tenure as President of ASMET.

Rohan Abeywickrama


The Secretaries Report

  • The committee met on 13 occasions during the year 2016.
  • ASMET has been recognized as the key association to represent the SME sector in Sri Lanka Tourism by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Sri Lanka Convention Bureau and the Sri Lanka Institute of Hospitality and Hotel Management.
  • Provided an SME perspective at numerous policy dialogs, discussions and seminars with a variety of tourism stakeholders that included the Government, the private sector – large to small – informal and formal, and international organizations.
  • Provided inputs to SLTDA in setting up guidelines and regulations for the various categories of tourism in Sri Lanka.
  • Supported ASMET Members with various issues.
  • Three to Five ASMET Members were given an opportunity by the SLTPB to participate at trade fairs especially for emerging markets (Netherlands, India, Russia, Middle East, Japan, Italy and China) Our members participated at the following Trade at concessionary rates.
Vakantiebeurs, Netherlands  SATTE Delhi   
Airwing Tours (Pvt)Ltd.  Gemini Tours & Travels (Pvt) Ltd
Elephant Reach Hotel     Green Holiday Center (Pvt) Ltd
Hawk Travels (Pvt) Ltd      United Leisure (Pvt) Ltd
Hotel Lanka Super Corals    World Travel Centre Colombo (Pvt) Ltd
JTTX Saudi Arabia    BIT Italy
Airwing Tours Pvt Ltd  Airwing Tours (Pvt) Ltd
Jagath Tours & Travels     Hawk Travels (Pvt)Ltd
Nawamini Travels ( Pvt ) Ltd.     Heritage Expedeciones (Private) Limited
World Travel Centre Colombo (Pvt) Ltd     Serene Vacations (Pvt) Ltd
Lanka Vacations (Pvt) Ltd  Ayubowan Tours and Travels (Pvt) Ltd
MITT Russia  Arabian Travel Market, Dubai
Deluxe Vacations (Pvt) Ltd.  Lanka Holidays.Net (Pvt) Ltd
  Gemini Tours & Travels (Pvt) Ltd
  Nawamini Travels ( Pvt ) Ltd.
  World Travel Centre Colombo (Pvt) Ltd
ITB, Berlin      
Airwing Tours (Pvt) Ltd.       
Lanka Holidays.Net (Pvt) Ltd  
Gemini Tours & Travels (Pvt) Ltd  
Butterfly Vacations (Pvt) Ltd      
Lanka Vacations (Pvt) Ltd  
JATA, Tokyo BITE China
Deluxe Vacations (Pvt) Ltd.  Walk with Jith
Orient Tours           Get in to Lanka Travels (Pvt) Limited
Vacation Planners Pvt Ltd   Deluxe Vacations Pvt (Ltd)
Lanka Holidays.Net (Pvt) Ltd  
TTG Remini, Italy      CITE, China
Airwing Tours (Pvt) Ltd         Airwing Tours (Pvt) Ltd 
Heritage Expedeciones (Private) Limited   Jagath Tours & Travels (Pvt) Ltd
Zenith Expeditions (Pvt) Ltd    Serene Vacations (Pvt) Ltd
Ayubowan Tours & Travels (Pvt)Ltd        Deluxe Vacations (Pvt) Ltd
Serene Vacations (Pvt) Ltd  Jagath Tours & Travels
Ceylon Legend Travels Ceylon Legend Travels
  Nawamini Travels
WTM London  
Hawk Travels (Pvt) Ltd  
Orient Tours  
Paradise Holidays (Pvt) Ltd  
Lanka Holidays.Net (Pvt) Ltd  

South Asian Countries SME Forum
Mr. Sam Tegal, Our immediate past president became Vice president for South Asian Countries SME Forum.
Ms. Arosha Jayasundara & Mr. Rasika Rajapake participated alog woth Mr. Sam Tegal at South Asian Countries SME Forum in Dhaka Bangladesh.
First Regional meeting held at Janaki Hotel, Colombo with participation of ASMET Members.

LED Expo and TESW 2016- Roadshow in Sri Lanka held at Galadari Hotel in Colombo
Siam House Benjarong (Pvt) Ltd
Hotel Dambadeniya

Sancaharaka Udawa
We have exhibited at Sancharaka Udawa and offered ASMET members to exhibit at ASMET stall free of charge.

SABIT Special American Business Interim Training Programme in USA
The Following 11 members were selected by the US Department of Commerce for training in Washington for 3 weeks
Airwing Tours (Pvt) Ltd
Fortune Lanka Tours and Travels (Pvt) Ltd
GFC Leisure Pvt Ltd
Hawk Travels (Pvt) Ltd
Hospitality Management  & Consultancy Associates
Hotel Consultant Trainer
Lanka Holidays.Net (Pvt) Ltd
Orient Tours
Paradise Holidays (Pvt) Ltd
Thilaka Holidays Homes

World Export Development Forum

We have exhibited at World Export Development Forum and our members were given an opportunity to exhibit at two of our exhibition stalls. We were the only association/organization representing tourism at the world export development forum.


Goals for 2016/2017

  • Develop ASMET’s institutional capacity as a priority.
  • Develop strategic partnerships and linkages for “win-win” solutions.
  • Unite the SME sector in Tourism and build linkages to national and international stakeholders.
  • Encourage formalization of Sri Lanka’s large informal sector in tourism.
  • Continue to increase membership.
  • Raise Awareness and facilitate Education.
  • Skills Development and Capacity Building Workshops.
  • Training in remote areas.
  • Develop Standards to protect society, environment, and quality of products and services.
  • Develop socially and environmentally sound attitudes and behavior within the industry.
  • Foster transparency and good governance in the industry.
  • Lobby for:
    • SME aspirations.
    • Equitable distribution of resources and knowledge among SME’s.
    • Protection of Society and Environment in tourism generating areas.
  • Develop SME Community Based Tourism Products.
  • Develop SME Alternate Tourism Products.
  • Promote and share Good Practices.
  • Represent ASMET members at as many trade fairs as possible.
  • Publicity and promotion of SME Products and Services in Tourism.
  • Represent ASMET at SME forums.
  • Facilitate livelihood improvement of host communities in tourism generating areas.
Last but not the least, to meet His Excellency the President’s challenge to achieve high quality tourist arrivals, not only the volume.



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